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MBS COIN ICO|micro Blood Science Inc.

Easily accessible , innovative healthcare

We cultivate a brand new digital healthcare system with our innovative microliter blood testing system.

Lifee helps you lead a healthy life

Lifee provides rich information based on the blood testing to assist you lead a healthy life.

  • Mai Shimada

    Project Leader

    Doctor/Director of Micro Blood Science

    Mai Shimada, MD, MBA is a board member of Micro Blood Science and also an attending Emergency Medicine physician in San Francisco Chinese Hospital. Her frustrations working in busy emergency departments fueled her to solve the inefficiency widespread in clinical medicine leveraging her experiences in healthcare startups. Prior to Micro Blood Science, Mai was a medical advisor for startups such as Medical Rogue Co. Ltd. and Ambicion Inc. in Tokyo. She completed Emergency Medicine residency at Maimoni-des Medical Center in New York City. She earned MD from the University of Tokyo in Tokyo and also has MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore. As a student at the University of To-kyo, she had clinical trainings in a variety of US hospitals including University of California San Diego, New York Poison Control Center, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, U.S. Naval Hos-pital Yokosuka, and Naval Medical Center San Diego.

  • Hajime Iwasawa

    chairman of the board

    Micro Blood Science Inc.

    Hajime Iwasawa is the founder and Managing Director of Micro Blood Science Inc. He founded Micro Blood Scoemce to create the perfect fingertip blood testing system after serving as Man-aging Director for Leisure Co. Ltd, where he prototyped fingertip blood collection device using a different kind of technology. Before joining Leisure Co. Ltd., he was the head of system devel-opment at Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd., a member of information system development team for FIFA Japan-Korea World Cup, and a review committee member for Nikkei Computer. He earned Bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University.

  • Hiroshi Wakutsu

    Partner and CEO

    Enzo Co., Ltd.

    Hiroshi Wakutsu is the founder and CEO of Enzo Co., Ltd. He brings two decades of financial management experience to Micro Blood Science. Through his long standing career in finance, he has developed deep understanding of stock capital market, bond capital market, leveraged fi-nance, risk solutions, and corporate derivatives. Before founding Enzo Co, Ltd, he was CEO of Union Developing Group of China in Nomura Holdings Inc, the managing director at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. , the managing director at Carrillo Securities, the general manager for Stock Derivative and Fund Derivative, the managing director at Nikko City Group Securities and the joint manager for Stock Derivative, the director at Nikko Salomon Smith Barney Securities and a joint manager for Stock Derivatives. We can shortened his previous designation list. We just need to show that he’s super experienced in financial management.

  • Takehiko Shima


    Micro Engineering Inc.

    Takehiko Shima is the CEO of Micro Engineering Inc. since 2003. He is an experienced me-chanical and product designer leveraging his specialty in the field of stationary manufacturing. He assisted Micro Blood Science with developing micro blood collection device . After obtain-ing bachelor’s degree in physics from the State University of New York at Binghamton, he started his career in Miura Printing Corporation. He was in charge of business development at Calsonic Graphic in California, USA. He graduated in Natural Environment Studies from Tokyo Gakugei University.

  • Tetsuro Kimura


    Try-Hard Inc.

    Tetsuro Kimura is the founder and CEO of Try-Hard Inc. since 2003. He handled IoT related tasks to develop new integration of application and system with major makers. He has developed Lifee System. After graduating from Tokyo Technos Collage, he worked as the senior manager in Hi-Tech Department of Sorimachi Co., Ltd, an international IT service company headquar-tered in Tokyo.

  • Keisuke Ishiyama


    Wealth Brothers Inc.

    Keisuke Ishiyama is the founder and CEO of Wealth Brothers since 2017. Prior to Wealth Broth-ers, he worked as the director of BIGFACE Inc. since 2015. He obtained Bachelor’s degree in economics from Hokkaido University. He joined Nomura Securities in 2001and subsequently became in charge of its Wealth Management Division in Head Office.


  • Naoki Aikawa
    MD, PhD, FACS

    Doctor/Doctor of Medicine

    Emeritus Professor at Keio University

    Naoki Aikawa is a special advisor to Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital and a councilor of St. Luke Foundation, St. Luke International University, and Japan Emergency Medicine Foundation. He is also an honorary member of Japanese Society of Chemotherapy and Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, a special member of Japan Surgical Society, a senior fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a honorary member of the American Surgical Association. He has earned Harvard Prize, Whitaker Prize, and TVB-Burn Prize. He was assumed the director of international medical infor-mation center, a director of Astellas Pharma Inc., and a medical advisor of the US Embassy and Canadian Embassy. He also served as a professor in emergency medicine at Keio University, a Keio Medical Library director, the head of Keio University Hospital, and a chairman of Keio Medical Association. He also was the chairman of Physician Subcommittee of Medical Ethics Council, National Examination for Medical Practitioners, and physician clinical training depart-ment in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. After graduating with an honor from Keio University Department of Medicine, he worked at Research fellow at Harvard Medical School & Clinical Fellow in Surgery, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

  • Tsunekazu Haraguchi


    Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd.

    Tsunekazu Haraguchi is the director of Aeon Bank Ltd and Aeon Financial Service Co., Ltd. He became the co-chief executive of Executive Officer Comprehensive Financial Business and a special advisor in Aeon Co., Ltd in 2013. He is also the director of Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd since 2014. In 2007-2013, he worked as the head of presentative director of Aeon Bank Ltd. In 2002-2007, he assumed the vice-president of National Life Finance Corporation. Prior to National Life Finance Corporation, he was the head of Ministry of Finance Financial Bureau and Financial Services Agency Planning and Coordination Bureau after becoming the head of Nagoya Taxa-tion Bureau and Financial Bureau in Kinki. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in Law from To-kyo University, he joined the Finance Ministry in 1970.

  • Hiroshi Tsurusaki


    Tecotec Inc.

    Hiroshi Tsurusaki is CEO of Tecotec Inc. He provides MBS with technological supports to aid ICO process. He specializes in developing and operating Fintech related business, such as Secu-rities settlement system and net-service for investment management with focusing on PtoP busi-ness. His main interests have been to develop blockchain technology and to establish and operate Virtual Currency Exchange. He also implemented Blockchain Wallet.. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering the Tokyo University of Agri-culture and Technology, he joined the online commercial equipment department in Sega Co., Ltd.

  • Hirohisa Chiwaki


    Mifune Sogyo Ltd.

    Hiroshi Chiwaki has been CEO of Mifune Sogyo Ltd. since 1998. He also has become the head of Shibuya Kanzekai in jurisdiction of Shibuya Taxation Office at Tokyo Regional Taxation Bu-reau since 2013. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Mei-ji University, he joined Hazama Estate Corporation in 1981 and mainly worked for urban re-development.

  • Eisuke Kawamoto

    (JPN) 代表取締役

    (JPN) 株式会社アヤナスシグレ

    (JPN) 1999年にDMM.comへ入社。日本におけるブロードバンド黎明期の頃からインターネット事業を生業とする。その後、2006年からはDMMを離れ、楽天、サイバーエージェント、SIer、スタートアップなどで主に新規事業を中心に携わる。2016年にDMMに復帰後はオンラインサロンやブロックチェーン関連の事業部長を経て2018年9月に退職。現在はブロックチェーンをベースにしたトークンエコノミーを生業とする株式会社アヤナスシグレ代表取締役。他にも、浅草農園ストラテジスト、マイクロブラッドサイエンス社顧問。東京大学にてトークンエコノミーの特別講義を実施。

Token Economy

Our aim is to empower everyone by giving the ownership of their own health data. We will make it happen by creating the new healthcare ecosystem based on our innovative blood testing ser-vices. We seek capital internationally to fund the project through ICO.

Token Allocation

We plan to issue 1 billion MBS coins, of which 400 million MBS coins will be distributed publi-cally in the ICO process, 300 million MBS coins be allocated to our strategic business partners, and the remaining 300 million MBS coins be reserved within MBS. The capital raised with the ICO will be used for product and system development, marketing, and international business de-velopment.

Marketing and advertising


Product and system development


International business development


Business operation


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