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“Micro Blood will Lead to a Significant Change in Future of Health” MBS Coin will become a new listed coin in Virtual Currency Exchange “BCEX Global”.



“Micro Blood will Lead to a Significant Change in Future of Health”
MBS Coin will become a new listed coin in Virtual Currency Exchange “BCEX Global”.

Micro Blood Science Inc.

Micro Blood Science Inc (MBS) has launched its initial coin offering at 3:00PM JST (UTC+9) on December 26, 2018. Issued by MBS ASSET MANAGEMENT PTE. LTD., (a 100% subsidiary company of Micro Blood Science Inc.), MBS Coin now runs on BCEX Global, a virtual currency exchange in Hong Kong.

MBS is a medical technology company based in Tokyo whose aim is to build the new healthcare platform by combining its proprietary micro blood testing technology with the blockchain technology.
It manages the data acquired from micro amount blood testing on its secured IT system, “Lifee”. In January 2017, MBS has announced its plan for launching ICO to raise the capital for the development of the next-generation healthcare platform using blockchain. Its aim is to expand access of its micro amount blood testing services as well as to maximize the information value of the health data from the blood tests by engaging in various healthcare related service providers.

[Lifee Service]

Lifee is an efficient, effortless, and comprehensive blood testing system that incorporates every single step of blood testing from the test request order to the result notification while storing the information from the blood analysis. We aim to make Lifee into the next-generation healthcare platform.

[New Blood Collection Device]
Traditionally blood testing required more than 5ml of blood (a plastic bottle cap-full amount) with a venipuncture. MBS developed micro amount blood collection device with its innovative proprietary technology. The new device needs only 0.06ml(one eye drop) of blood.

[BCEX Global]

BCEX Global is a virtual currency exchange started its operation in September 2017. It is ranked at the 14th in the monthly trading volume and is highly liquid.
BCXE Global handles various coins and operates in compliance with Canadian law and enforces rigorous identity checks for the users.


MBS provides highly accurate blood testing with a small amount of blood sample from fingertip.

MBS has verified the accuracy of testing with the device and the findings were published in Clinical Pathology Journal of the Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine in March 2017(https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/kjm/67/2/67_2017-0009-OA/_article/-char/en)

[About Micro Blood Science Inc.]

Company Name: Micro Blood Science Inc.
Micro Blood Science Inc is a medical technology company whose aim is to build the new healthcare platform on a global scale by combining its proprietary micro blood testing technology with the blockchain technology.
Main Website: http://www.microbs.jp
ICO Official Website: https://mbsico.com
CEO and Managing Director: Hajime Iwasawa
Directors; Tetsuya Nishioka, Masayoshi Nakai, Mai Shimada
Medical Advisor: Naoki Aikawa
Project Advisor: Tsunekazu Hamaguchi
Address: 2-14-8 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan
Establishment: June 17th, 2006

[Our Business]

MBS has developed micro amount testing technology as a result of collaborative research and development project with Tokyo Medical and Dental University. It has also set up MBS Laboratory as the blood analysis center for micro blood testing. MBS Laboratory has been licensed as a clinical assay laboratory by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare since October 2016. MBS Laboratory provides comprehensive blood testing service system whose functions not limited to simply analyzing the good sample but also processing test order, managing specimen, and reporting testing results. MBS’s micro blood testing service allows users to check their health condition seamlessly. MBS has been offering the service since 2018.

Hajime Iwasawa

Managing Director
Micro Blood Science Inc.

Hajime Iwasawa is the founder and Managing Director of Micro Blood Science Inc. He founded Micro Blood Scoemce to create the perfect fingertip blood testing system after serving as Man-aging Director for Leisure Co. Ltd, where he prototyped fingertip blood collection device using a different kind of technology. Before joining Leisure Co. Ltd., he was the head of system devel-opment at Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd., a member of information system development team for FIFA Japan-Korea World Cup, and a review committee member for Nikkei Computer. He earned Bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University.

Mai Shimada

Micro Blood Science Inc.

Mai Shimada, MD, MBA is a board member of Micro Blood Science and also an attending emergency medicine physician in San Francisco Chinese Hospital. Her frustrations while working in busy emergency departments fueled her to solve the inefficiency widespread in clinical medicine leveraging her experiences in healthcare startups. Prior to Micro Blood Science, Mai was a medical advisor for healthcare startups such as Medical Rogue Co. Ltd. and Ambicion Inc. in Tokyo. She completed Emergency Medicine residency at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. She earned MD from the University of Tokyo in Tokyo and also has MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore. As a student at the University of Tokyo, she had clinical experiences in a variety of US hospitals including University of California San Diego, New York Poison Control Center, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, and Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Naoki Aikawa

Emeritus Professor
Keio University

Naoki Aikawa is a special advisor to Tokyo Saieikai Central Hospital and a councilor of St. Luke Foundation, St. Luke International University, and Japan Emergency Medicine Foundation. He is also an honorary member of Japanese Society of Chemotherapy and Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, a special member of Japan Surgical Society, a senior fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a honorary member of the American Surgical Association. He has earned Harvard Prize and Whitaker Prize. He was assumed the director of international medical information center, a director of Astellas Pharma Inc., and a medical advisor of the US Embassy and Canadian Embassy. He also served as a professor in emergency medicine at Keio University, a Keio Medical Library director, the head of Keio University Hospital, and a chairman of Keio Medical Association. He also was the chairman of Physician Subcommittee of Medical Ethics Council, National Examination for Medical Practitioners, and physician clinical training depart-ment in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. After graduating with an honor from Keio University Department of Medicine, he worked at Research fellow at Harvard Medical School & Clinical Fellow in Surgery, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Tsunekazu Haraguchi

Outside Director
Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd.

Tsunekazu Haraguchi is a outside director of Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd since 2014. Prior to Aishin Seiki, he was a director of Aeon Bank Ltd and Aeon Financial Service Co., Ltd in 2013. He also became the co-chief executive of Executive Officer Comprehensive Financial Business and a special advisor in Aeon Co., Ltd in 2013. In 2007-2013, he worked as the head of presentative director of Aeon Bank Ltd. In 2002-2007, he assumed the vice-president of National Life Finance Corporation. Prior to National Life Finance Corporation, he was the head of Ministry of Finance Financial Bureau and Financial Services Agency Planning and Coordination Bureau after becoming the head of Nagoya Taxation Bureau and Financial Bureau in Kinki. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in Law from Tokyo University, he joined the Finance Ministry in 1970.