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The microliter-scale testing service provided by MBS is based on blood collection and specimen management
conducted by specialized facilities and following test administrator instructions to ensure test accuracy.

  • 01. Specimen measurement lab

    For the specimens collected by the user, when testing and measurement are carried out on the spot,
    and results are issued immediately, notification is necessary.

  • 02. Similar service

    For the specimens collected by the user, when the specimens are transported to a testing center where testing and measurement are carried out, and the results are received at a later date, notification is not necessary.

Laboratory Supervision Facility


When conducting testing outside medical institutions, a laboratory registered at the Hygiene Inspection Center supervises the testing based on the ""Guidelines (December 26, 1987) on testing consignment of people not registered according to the Clinical laboratory technician Law"".
The facility is entrusted with specimen management.


Unregistered specimen management facilities are required to undertake specimen management from registered hygiene inspection centers conducting the testing and to conduct proper management.


Specimen collection facilities under supervision carry out specimen management including facility maintenance, blood collection training, specimen confirmation, storage, transportation and so on. When operatIng a blood collection facility as a laboratory supervision facility, entrustment of the whole facility operation is possible. Please contact us for details.

Installation Example

This is a facility that is entrusted with micro-liter scale blood collection, and specializes in blood collection training and specimen management.

  • Language support : Japanese, English, Chinese(Interpretation resident)

  • Complete paperless test system

  • I-PAD reception system

  • Lifee cloud ICT service

  • Sample management by data matrix code

  • Result mailing service

Installation Example

This is a case when a micro-liter scale blood collection corner is set up inside a dispensing pharmacy.

Partitioned location

Blood collection desk