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About New Blood Collection Device

Q. What is the difference between a regular blood test and a blood test with blood collected from the fingertips?

With the fingertip blood testing using our device, you will only need 1/80 of the amount of blood needed for regular venous blood testing. The blood sampling procedure is so easy that you can collect your blood sample yourself anytime anywhere. You do not have to go to clinics or hospitals to have a blood test anymore. Our fingertip blood testing methods have been proved to give the test results equivalent to the samples from regular blood testing method.

Q. Does finger-prick blood sampling hurt?

The blood sample is collected after puncturing your fingertip with a small lancet, just like diabetic patients check their glucose level from their fingertip. I would not say there is no pain at all, but the physical burden is drastically small compared to traditional venipunc-ture method.

Q. Where can I go for testing?

Currently, we provide services at several blood testing salons, pharmacies, and fitness gyms in Tokyo metropolitan area. We plan to rapidly expand our service throughout Ja-pan. Keep tuned.

Q. How do I receive the blood test results?

You can either receive the printed results at the blood sapling site or access the results online via our smartphone application.

Q. What kind of items can be tested?

Currently we provide four types of testing service.
· Lifestyle related diseases 13 items (sets used for health diagnosis combining sugar me-tabolism, cholesterol, liver function, renal function and uric acid value)
· 4 female tumor markers
· 4 male tumor markers
· B, C hepatitis test
In addition to this, general blood test items can be tested and added sequentially accord-ing to market needs.