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01. Dry your fingertips and stick tape firmly

02. Fix your fingers and puncture

03. Push the finger from 3 directions

04. Aspirate right from the side

  • 01.
    Wash hands, disinfect fingertips and dry thoroughly. Tape the blood collection tape firmly to the fingertip.
  • 02.
    Place the fingertip on the desk and fix it. Push the lancet all the way down.
  • 03.
    Squeeze the fingertip slowly to draw as big a blood drop as possible.
  • 04.
    Apply the tip of the blood collection chip to the blood drop directly horizontally, and aspirate the blood up to the blood drawing line.
  • 05.
    Return the blood collection chip to the container, and snap-mix up, down and reverse, 3 times each.