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  • Blood collection chip

    A blood collector that collects between 10 μL and 150 μL of blood from the fingertip.

    The scale mark in the suction area helps to measure the amount necessary according to test item.

    Various additives can be applied at concentrations matching blood volume and use, such as plain blood collection chip, EDTA-2K blood collection chip, heparin lithium blood collection chip, and so on. Suitable for various tests such as biochemical and immunological examinations, special examinations or blood cell count.

  • Trace blood storage

    Airtight storage container compliant with reduced pressure standards that encloses the blood collection chip.

    Container color is set by type of additive in the blood collection chip. Plain (red), EDTA-2K (purple), heparin (yellow) and others.

  • Trace blood
    centrifugation container

    Colorless centrifuge container filled with separating agent (for portable centrifuge).

    When inserting the blood collecting chip, 30 μL of centrifugal separating agent is loaded into the chip. By centrifugation, it is possible to isolate blood cells and serum/plasma in the blood collecting chip, thus enabling transport and long-term storage.

Preparing good quality specimens

Blood collection tape makes possible the collection of a small amount of blood from the fingertip from about 10 μl to 150 μl quickly and easily.

A scale mark showing blood volume is printed on the blood collecting chip helping to collect just the right amount of blood, no more and no less.

The interior wall of the blood collection chip has been specially treated to reduce the burden on blood during blood collection. As a result, we can guarantee high quality specimen collection for test accuracy.

Responding to specimen needs


We have perfected a special application technique that allows μL level control of the type and concentration of additives by volume of collected blood and exam items. This makes it possible to apply the appropriate amount of additives inside the blood collection chip according to the purpose of the exam.


As samples for biochemical, immunological, CBC tests, or more, trace amounts of a variety of specimens such as serum, EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, EDTA whole blood etc. can be prepared.


After blood collection, simply insert the blood collection chip into the centrifuge container. A separating agent fills up the chip, making it is possible to store serum/ plasma for a long time without dividing the blood collection, separation and storage process.

Handling blood analysis equipment


With a general-purpose portable centrifuge, the appropriate amount of serum/ plasma can be separated immediately. Special adapters for large centrifuges are also available.


Compatible with general blood analysis equipment due to a measurement method that ensures that trace amounts of sample are measured with high accuracy.


The diameter of the storage container is the same as that of the PCR tube, making it compatible with POCT analysis equipment without dispensation.


By connecting the tip of the blood collection chip blood is discharged from the chip by its own weight, making it also compatible with measurements using I-STAT chips or PICCOLO EXPRESS rotors and so on.