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  • Various blood collection chip & containers

    less burdens, more easy.
    Aspirate necessary blood volume in a few second.

    Possible to aspirate and store blood with a single assembly type container of blood collection chip and container.Since the line is displayed in the blood collecting tip, easy to reliably collect the necessary blood amount. After blood sampling, put the blood collecting tip in a centrifuge and proceed its test directory. Furthermore, by using a separating agent- blood collection chip, blood serum and blood plasma can be separated.

  • Combined blood collection kit

    All the instruments are packaged in a small package.

    Instruments necessary for fingertip blood sampling including MBS capillary, are packaged in a small clear pack. It is just a compact size and space saving. This package fully complies with "Lifee service system" developed by our company and everyone can start comprehensive fingertip blood testing service immediately.

    About Lifee service